by Ritika Puri

Word on the street, according to eye tracking research from The Ladders, is that recruiters will spend only 6 seconds reading each resume that they receive. For an ad tech or digital sales rep, this stat is alarming. How do you showcase your cross-functional expertise with bid management platforms, client relationships, data, and ad operations into an easy to scan document? How can you communicate the complex stories behind the quotas you’ve exceeded?

The key is to treat your resume as an exercise in emphasizing your own strategic value and capabilities. When writing up your story, the key is to know your audience. What do ad tech and digital ad sales recruiters care about? What skills are they seeking out of sales reps, in particular?

These days, roles in the digital advertising industry are becoming more cross-functional, regardless of whether you’re client-facing. You need to know the technical dynamics of yours and your partners’ platforms. You need to know what your customers care about. You’ll need to have some familiarity and expertise with data.

Here is a simple checklist to help you create a more impactful resume, regardless of your format and style. When applying for a sales role, make sure the following details are clear.

  • Your contribution to ROI. In addition to listing your job responsibilities, show the impact that you’ve brought to your company’s bottom line. For instance, if you’re a sales rep, share details around the amount of business you’ve brought to the table. Mention the number of new opportunities you’re responsible for creating, and share details around your quota. Aim to pack as much detail as possible into a series of short sentences.

    • Don’t say this: “Responsible for reaching monthly quota”

    • Say this: “Independently sourced and brought $1M in new business to the team”

    • Or this: “Exceeded sales quota, quarter after quarter, by more than double”

  • Your experience making cross-functionally informed, data-driven decisions. Data is the bread and butter of digital advertising. No matter your job function or role, you’ll want to make sure that your professional qualifications are clear. Make sure that your resume communicates an ability to work with teams collaboratively and use data to inform your strategic decisions.

    • As with your contribution to ROI, explain your experience using data and working with other teams. The key is to show recruiters that you know your stuff.

    • Include phrases like this:

    • “Collaborates with engineering, creative, and data science teams to make strategic decisions.”

    • And this:

    • “Uses data on a daily basis to create alignment with long-term KPIs.”
  • Your commitment to continued training and leadership. The world of digital advertising is always changing. Just 5 years ago, the targeting technologies that are commonplace today did not even exist.

    Recruiters and hiring managers will want to make sure that you’re committed to evolving with this market. Make sure to learn any training, certifications, or continued education
    programs that you’re pursuing. Examples include:

    • Industry certifications from companies like the IAB, Google, or HubSpot
    • Management training programs that show upward mobility within your company
    • Conferences where you may be a speaker Blogs where you might be a regular contributor

    The key is to show that you are a rising leader within your sales organization. List your training and certification commitments to showcase your commitment to professional

Final thoughts

Remember that your resume isn’t a story about yourself: for recruiters and hiring managers, it’s a crystal ball into your potential to add value as an employee. Position yourself as an emerging digital and ad tech expert at the front lines or behind the scenes. Demonstrate your potential for being a successful sales person and bringing in new business, strategically.